9th Tinos International Literary Festival

26 – 29 July 2023

Tinos, Cyclades, Greece

Organized by Society of (de)kata

Mythical home of Aeolos, Tinos is battered through the ages by the winds of Aegean history. The Tinos International Literary Festival (TILF) is held every last weekend of July each year since 2010. TILF is hosted and organized by the Society of (de)kata, a non-profit cultural and publishing organization.

Co-organizers are the Municipality of Tinos and the Cultural Foundation of Tinos.

Supported by South Aegean Region, the Fast Ferries Shipping Company, Tsakalis Lubrics, Tarsanas, Typos and the local business community.

TILF brings together writers from all over the world to celebrate literature and the spiritual voyage of humankind.

The festival aims to create a platform for international writers: prose writers, poets, translators, researchers, biographers, scholars, editors and other interested members of the public, are reminding us that Literature is searching the human soul that takes us from the individual to collective space and time.

This July get ready for the 9th Tinos International Literary Festival.

From July 26 to 29, in Chora, Volax and Arnados, 15 prose writers and poets — Monica Aasprong (Norway), Françoise Coulmin (France), Philippos Dracontaidis (Greece), Alekos Florakis (Greece), Krystalli Glyniadakis (Greece), Levent Karataş (Turkey), Euphrosyne Manta-Lazarou (Cyprus), Dionysis Marinos, Evangelia Minardou-Adamou (Greece), Mariana Orantes (Mexico), Dimitris Sotakis (Greece), Sotiris Souliotis (Greece), Lina Stefanou (Greece), Panayiotis Vouzis (Greece) and Meng Yifei (China) — from seven countries will guide us with readings to their work. They will read, there will be discussions, the special issue for Tinos of (de)kata magazine will be presented, there will be a screening of a poetry video, there will be live music.

It is a real festival of words, sounds, lyrics. Tune in.



Welcome and we want you to have a GREAT ΤΙΜΕ!

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